Management Training

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, and working together is a success.”
Henry Ford

Our “Blended Learning” approach to training delivery insures exceptional management training to assist organizations achieve their business objectives in alignment with their business strategies and the skill enhancement of their capital talent.  We believe that anyone can learn and use engaging processes and techniques to make the very most of their careers. Staff will learn processes to make the most of both business and interpersonal relationships. Managers will incorporate open discussions and problems solving with others to create opportunities instead of obstacles.

Absenteeism is a chronic organizational problem that costs U.S. corporations an estimated $30 billion annually.  This comprehensive employee absenteeism training course is essential for organizations looking for a simple straightforward self-management training program to increase employee attendance. This highly practical training course offers practical information on how to quickly reduce absences within any organization.

For a team to work effectively, its members must understand generational distinctions. Individual team members may subscribe to different values, practice different work habits, or seek different goals. Work effectively with four or more different generations Harness the benefits and address the challenges of the communication division of the silent generation, baby boom generation, Generation X, and Generation Next employees

It is important, that all members of the workforce take the lead in improving productivity.  Whether or not you are a member of the rank and file, blue collar, white collar, or collarless, more can be accomplished when everyone takes the initiative, speaks up, and shares ideas. This training will raise awareness on when and how to take the lead.

A planned approach to embracing, incorporating, and supporting change, which positively impacts your organization.  This process should insure that peoples expectations are managed in a non-intrusive way to move forward smoothly. Exploring a person’s typical reaction to change such as fear, resistance and denial, provide opportunities to plan and promote the benefits of change.Through collaborative training that supports acceptance organizations are prepared to accept change more readily.

Develop and fine tunes participants negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Each participant will be able to identify critical warning signs and determine what leadership skills are necessary in handling conflicts and problems, which strategies facilitate resolution, and when avoidance does not work. Additionally, it explores the causes of disruption and ways to refocus issues.

Is designed to assist individuals, managers, front line supervisors, and small business owners in managing and resolving situations which cause aggravation, tension, and stress. Learn to identify both internal and external stimuli stressors. Explore, create, and implement manageable solutions impacting both Job and Family Stress. Introduce effective procedures to resolve conflict.

Demonstrates that working together means working smarter. Exploring and defining diversity. This training provides opportunities to dispel stereotypic myths, based on culture, race, age, and gender, utilizing interactive strategies, role play, and self awareness quizzes.

CUSTOMER SERVICE provides strategies to ensure exceptional customer service. Learn how to avoid “the seven deadly sins” of poor customer service. Exceeding their expectations, provides tested strategies that are easy to implement.

DYNAMICS OF TEAM BUILDING is designed for mid and upper level managers, supervisors, project leaders, directors, and small business owners. Develop your work groups into dynamic, self directed, and highly motivated teams. Avoid personality conflicts and bickering. Discover how teamwork leads to greater productivity, creativity, and greater self esteem.

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY training covers the protocol and requirements for administering ADA, FMLA, and various anti- discrimination laws. Recordkeeping responsibilities and enforcement policies.

ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE will help clarify the factors affecting self interest, survival, achievement, and their relationship to the organizations ethics. The participant will be able to determine which ethically sensitive situations require special attention and how to promote trust and mutual respect in compliance with the organizations culture.

INTERACTING WITH OTHERS develops effective communication and listening skills, while providing opportunities to fine tune the participants group dynamics and crisis skills. This course will provide the participant with skills that will aid him/her in identifying and eliminating communication barriers. Identify verbal and non verbal communication clues, while cultivating their empathy and listening skills. Participants will develop strategies for effective group interaction and crisis resolution.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT stresses understanding the law and its many applications. What constitutes sexual harassment and what documentation is required? What are my rights as an employer/employee?

STRATEGIC PLANNING will identify the critical issues within your organization, both operationally and functionally, in order to achieve a comprehensive goal oriented plan. It will provide assessment of your internal and external environment and its impact. It will assist in identifying barriers and opportunities for your organization or department. It will analyze your cost requirements and constraints .

TIME MANAGEMENT BASICS begins to better balance your personal life and business obligations with tips and techniques that work.  Learn how to set and accomplish your own goals and priorities without disruption.  Manage your email and PDA, conquer procrastination, and communicate more effectively.  Enhance the necessary skills to make the work flow more smoothly.  Recognize and eliminate common time wasters.  Implementing  proven time savers provides measurable results.  Watch morale pick up as work and home life becomes more manageable.

TRAIN THE TRAINER is a comprehensive program designed to deliver effective strategies and skills for all training personnel, including instructors, administrators, course developers, and newly appointed training staff. This course will provide the methodology to analyze your organizations training needs, while developing your presentation skills. Participants will design programs that demonstrate on the job transference.

VIOLENCE PREVENTION STRATEGIES provides assessment tools, strategies, quizzes, interactive alternatives to address the growing number of work related violent incidents. What are the warning signs of bullies, irrational co-workers, customers, and/or stalkers? How do I address my own anger? What options do I have. What are my rights and expectations as an employee?

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